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Do you feel intimidated with the idea of learning to ski or snowboard?

We at Learning Center are here to make the process easier and fun. Here are a few suggestions guaranteed to help you along.

When should I arrive?

Get here early and stay ahead of the game! This is perhaps the most important element to having a great day on the slopes. Be relaxed and enjoy the total mountain experience we offer. You can sign up for classes and then enjoy the views, slide around on the snow and have a chance to keep your energy up with a snack and beverage before your day on the slopes begins. Sign-ups begin every day at 8:00 am. First come, first serve!

What should I bring?

Some of the biggest issues our guests encounter can be addressed simply by ensuring that individuals arrive here at the Park with adequate clothing, gloves and eye protection. Being prepared with appropriate gear is important both on sunny days and snowy ones.  The sun’s UV rays are strong at the ski park’s elevation and can cause skin and eye damage quickly, even with cloudy skies.  Regardless of weather conditions, it is essential to have warm layers of clothing and have a water-resistant outer layer — both pants and jacket. Cotton (sweatshirts, denim) is not appropriate as it soaks up water and does not insulate once wet.  Children are especially susceptible to cold conditions and to skin and eye damage caused by unnecessary sun exposure. It is important to note that guests without adequate clothing, gloves and eye protection are not permitted to participate in lessons. Remember mountain weather can change quickly, so stay ahead of the weather curves and be prepared!

Why should I take a lesson?

There’s a stigma out there among many young people in particular that taking a lesson in just not cool. But ask anyone – floundering on the slopes is really what’s un-cool. Lessons are the shortcut to ripping up the slopes. The time you spend in a first-time lesson ensures that you will be more prepared with the basics, and therefore have more fun on the slopes ASAP! Don’t think lessons are just for beginners either….All you advanced riders and skiers: ask about our freestyle clinics or off-piste private lessons for some real adventure!

How do I describe my ability?

Over or understating your skill level or your child’s ability will always result in lost time on the slopes. Besides, no one wants to be bored in a lesson that is too easy or to feel anxious and frustrated in a group with people whose skill is much higher. It is also unfair to the rest of the class.  Different ski areas may have different lesson levels, so let us know what your true abilities are or what your past lesson experience may be, if any, and we will help put you in the best class to ensure a successful, fun experience. CLICK HERE to find out your skill level.

Be realistic about your expectation!

Quality, fun, professional instruction is our goal. Our instructors are trained to teach with a variety of techniques that appeal to every student and we try our best to devote as much time to each student as possible. Keep in mind, however, that everybody learns at a different pace and in different ways.  Flexibility and a positive attitude go a long way to ensure successful and fun lessons. For anyone who would like true one on one focus, consider one our private lessons.



  • Clubs/Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • Businesses
  • Outdoor/Adventure Programs

Groups of only 15 or more receive discounts on tickets, rentals and lessons and the group leader skis for free!

Contact the Mount Shasta Ski Park Learning Center beginning Nov. 1st for Group rates and information and holiday blackout dates

Educational School Program

– All school groups welcome

-Adaptive lessons are available

-School groups with 7 or more participants may receive discounted lessons, lift tickets and rentals. Sign up begins in November. The program runs from January 6th until the end of the season. For information on our Educational School Program please contact esp@skipark.com (530-926-8644)


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