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Lesson Levels


  1. First Time- Never skied before.
  2. Able to make gliding wedge turns and stop. Has never been on a chairlift.
  3. Has been on a chairlift/had lift-riding instruction, able to stop and turn in a controlled wedge on green runs. Skiing in a gliding wedge on green and easy blue runs. May sometimes match skis after fall-line on some green and easy blue runs. Round turn shape with centered stance and rudimentary flex and extension.
  4. Wedging into turns, but matching consistently on green and blue runs. Demonstrates centered stance and good flex & extension on blue runs. May have pole touch in advanced wedge christie.
  5. Able to do basic parallel turns on blue and easy black runs, round turn shape with skidded finish, solid flex and extension, controlled side slipping, with good body position and centered stance. Has a pole touch.
  6. Beginning to make dynamic carved turns on blue and easy black runs. Beginning to ski easy blue moguls, easy off-piste conditions.
  7. All level 6 skills on any black runs. Starting to effectively blend balance, rotary, pressure and edging skills in order to incorporate ski design and ski dynamically using a variety of turn radii and shapes. Skis easy black moguls and starting to ski off-piste powder and crud.


  1. First time- never snowboarded before.
  2. Able to side slip and stop but may not yet be able to do falling leaf. Has never been on the chairlift.
  3. Has been on a chairlift/had lift-riding instruction, can stop and is able to do falling leaf on green runs. Demonstrates rudimentary flex and extension and centered stance. May be able to J-turn toe and heel side.
  4. Able to consistently link skidded turns on green and easier blue runs.
  5. Able to link skidded turns on all blue and easier black runs. Maintains consistent speed control through small and medium radius turns, has centered stance and good balance.
  6. Able to link skidded and carved turns on blue and black terrain. Able to use a variety of turn radii, pressure and edging techniques and rotary skills to control speed. beginning to incorporate board design in accomplishing a variety of turn styles. beginning to ride switch.
  7. Refined level 6 skills. Introduction to freestyle, and all-mountain riding.
Mt. Shasta Ski & Snowboard Team National Ski Areas Association